Posted on 31 March 2021

Brink is proud to announce the recipients of its first round of open source developer grants. After an open grant application process, the Brink board of directors has selected three developers who have demonstrated continued commitment to open source Bitcoin protocol development. Their work spans fundamental cryptographic engineering, application tooling, and base layer development and maintenance. Brink supports each of these developers to work full time on open source development. The three grant recipients are:

Jesse Posner

Picture of Jesse Posner

Jesse’s funding supports his work on adaptor signatures and an implementation of the FROST threshold signature scheme. These technologies bring additional security, privacy and functionality to multisignature and second layer protocols.


Grant made possible by very generous financial support from Nexo.

Alekos Filini

Picture of Alekos Filini Alekos’s funding supports his work as maintainer of the Bitcoin Dev Kit, a lightweight and modular collection of tools for use by wallets and other Bitcoin applications.


Grant made possible by very generous financial support from Kraken.

Hennadii Stepanov

Picture of Hennadii Stepanov Hennadii has been contributing code and review to Bitcoin Core since 2018. In that time he has become one of the most prolific contributors to the project. Hennadii’s funding allows him to work full time on Bitcoin Core development and review. Hennadii has previously received support from CardCoins and Payvant.


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Developers interested in either the grant or fellowship programs can apply now for the next funding round.

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