Posted on 30 June 2022

Brink is proud to announce a grant for Tadge Dryja. He will be joining Brink in a part time capacity to both mentor junior developers and work on Utreexo.

About Tadge

Tadge writes of his Bitcoin experience and goals:

Picture of Tadge Dryja

Since first learning about Bitcoin in 2011 I’ve been fascinated by what it could become. Despite the seemingly unchangeable rules of the Bitcoin network, it’s still an open question how Bitcoin will evolve.

My work in the Bitcoin space has been to develop and co-author the Lightning Network with Joseph Poon back in 2015, and founding and working at Lightning Labs. I started working at the MIT Digital currency initiative in 2017, developing Discreet Log Contracts, and teaching a class about Bitcoin’s technical underpinnings with DCI director Neha Narula. In the last few years I have been working on Utreexo, a way of making fully validating Bitcoin nodes smaller and faster, so that people can more easily get the privacy and security of running a node.

Working at Brink part time I’m excited to continue my work on Utreexo, as well as working with people new to Bitcoin development and helping them get up to speed. While I’m still working with students at MIT, that work tends to be more academic and theoretically oriented, and I hope to work with Brink grantees on more applied development work. I hope to be able to expand Bitcoin’s functionality and welcome the researchers and progrogrammers who will continue to do that with us at Brink!


About Brink

Brink is a Bitcoin research and development centre, founded in 2020 to support independent open source protocol developers and mentor new contributors. If you or your organization is interested in supporting open source Bitcoin development, feel free to email us,

Developers interested in either the grant or fellowship programs can apply now for the next funding round.

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