Posted on 29 July 2022

Brink is proud to announce a developer grant for Stéphan Vuylsteke. He will be joining the Brink office in London to continue his work as a Bitcoin Core developer and educator.

About Stéphan

Stéphan writes of his Bitcoin experience and goals:

Picture of Stéphan Vuylsteke

Technology has always been my passion. I started my career at a sustainability data startup where I was able to develop my software engineering skills. After coming to better understand its potential, I made the switch to start working on Bitcoin fully since the fall of 2021. Since then, I’ve participated in and hosted some of the Chaincode seminars, contributed to Bitcoin Core mostly through reviewing and hosted several Bitcoin Core PR Review Clubs. Most recently, I was a mentor for the first Qala cohort.

Thanks to this Brink grant, I will continue to review and contribute new code to Bitcoin Core and related projects. Besides general code quality and maintainability, I will continue with improvements on the Core REST API and I would like to start focusing on improving support for Miniscript. In addition to my development work, I will continue to spend time to help grow the ecosystem that ensures the robustness of Bitcoin over time through the education of (potential) Bitcoin developers and builders, focusing on both the Bitcoin protocols as well as applications on top of it.


About Brink

Brink is a Bitcoin research and development centre, founded in 2020 to support independent open source protocol developers and mentor new contributors. If you or your organization is interested in supporting open source Bitcoin development, feel free to email us,

Developers interested in either the grant or fellowship programs can apply now for the next funding round.

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