Posted on 3 March 2023

Jonathan Bier

Brink is thrilled to announce our newest board member: Jonathan Bier. Jonathan will serve on our board for a term of two years. Jonathan brings experience administering the BitMEX Open Source Developer Grant Program.

Jonathan is a chartered accountant, having qualified with KPMG in 2010. He is also an investment professional, having worked as an equity analyst for Ruffer LLP from 2012 to 2016, before founding and managing the Elwood Blockchain Equity Index in 2018, which was eventually sold in 2021. Jonathan has also authored two books: i. The Blocksize War, which was published in March 2021 and ii. Reckless: The Story Of Cryptocurrency Interest Rates, published in November 2022. Jonathan has also written a series of research articles for the Bitcoin & cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform BitMEX.


Please join us in welcoming Jonathan!

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